What is Overspray?

Comparable to a fine mist, overspray is an airborne contaminant that feels like a gritty sandpaper-like substance. It coats a vehicle’s finish and can substantially impact its appearance. Overspray creates costly claims across the country for insurers, dealerships and body shops every day.

The challenge for these companies is how to minimize exposure financially while quickly satisfying potentially angry claimants. Ideally, you want to fix the problem fast before it escalates and becomes a larger one that damages your company’s reputation.

Some of the most common causes of overspray include:

  • Industrial paint overspray
  • Oil deposits
  • Cement/concrete
  • Tar or roofing overspray
  • Ferrous oxide (rail dust)
  • Industrial fallout/chemical emissions
  • Polyurethane spray foam
  • Acid rain
  • Asphalt (paving materials)
  • Road spray (from freshly painted road striping)

Ready To Solve Your Overspray Problems?

ReconLINX can dispatch professional catastrophic repair teams for any size job, on-site, anywhere in North America. And we can administer the process efficiently with our exclusive M-LINX realtime process control and reporting system. We also provide extensive claims management services that can expedite the process and keep it running smoothly.