How We Restore Confidence in Your Company

Overspray Removal is a complete specialized removal and polish process that utilizes unique techniques to remove any contaminant materials from the vehicle surfaces.

Our experienced technicians are dispatched coast-to-coast and prepared to process one vehicle or thousands. They are highly trained and possess the knowledge and capabilities to deal with challenging situations.

Pre Cleaning Inspections

  • Thorough inspections of the vehicle.
  • Any pre-existing damage such as: scratches, dents and chips are located and documented.
  • Photos are taken of the vehicle and damage, then shared with the responsible party

Complete Hand Washing

  • The vehicle is washed by hand prior to contaminant removal
  • Ensure that no foreign particles/debris is present during the cleaning phase

Exterior Detail

  • After all contaminant materials have been removed, our technicians perform a complete exterior detailing.
  • A tough coating of polymer sealant is applied by hand to all painted surfaces.
  • Tires and wheels are cleaned and shined.
  • All windows and painted areas are thoroughly inspected for smudges or any missed overspray

Molding Cleaning & Restoration

  • We developed and use the most advanced process in the world.
  • Rubber, plastic and painted trim items are repaired, not replaced

Claimant Inspection

  • After all repairs have been made, our certified technicians will walk the vehicle with the claimant.
  • Each panel will be inspected to ensure accuracy and overall claimant satisfaction.
  • A release is signed and any items that could not be cleaned (i.e. convertible top or motorcycle saddle), will be noted

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When Overspray Falls, Make the Call

Overspray claims don’t happen every day for you—but they are everyday occurrences for us. With only one call, we provide a clear path for managing your overspray claims.

We handle every aspect of your claim event. From scheduling through the entire remediation process, until the job is complete.